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"Top trumps" is a series of stories that feature 4 guys playing a game of "top trumps". I'm pretty sure that those stories are the longest ones I've ever written. It's unbelievable how long it takes to describe everything that happens during an innocent game played by four horny guys... :-))
Most of the categories were reader's suggestions, and it was a lot of fun to include all those ideas in the stories...

Zach, Xander and the twins
Leo, Sammy, Brandon and Cal
Ben, Danny, David and Tristan
Logan, Kev, Parker and Phil


"World Cup Testers" is a special series of stories in honor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Each installment (except for the first setup story) features at least one internationally renowned soccer player from a team that played a game on the day the story was published. Originally, I planned on writing four stories for every day that the round of 16 games took place plus a setup story. One of our readers from Mexico came up with an idea for an additional story for Brazil so I wrote one more part.

Brazil (published on the day of the 8th-final, Brazil wins against Chile 4:3)
Netherlands (published on the day of the 8th-final, Netherlands win against Mexico 2:1)
Germany (published on the day of the 8th-final, Germany wins against Algeria 2:1)
Argentina (published on the day of the 8th-final, Argentina wins against Switzerland 1:0)
Do you want more?
Extra time for Brazil (published on the day of the quarterfinal, Brazil wins against Colombia 2:1)


"The workshop" is a 2-part-story that was published in January 2008. I love the concept of guys (more or less) willingly putting their balls on the line, and I thought that the premise of an acting workshop would be a great idea. This marks the first appearance of big-balled actor George.

"Zach the cheater" is a series of stories I planned with my friend bbmal. It was conceived as a 9-part-story. Four parts were written in 2008 and 2009, and I continued the story in 2013.

Indecent proposal
Zach and Maggie
Zach and Stephanie
A night to remember
to be continued


"Zach's education" is a 7-part-story based on an idea by JP (who also came up with the premise of "Shakeout" a couple of years ago).

Lesson 1: The erection
Lesson 2: The "blue balls" phenomenon
Lesson 3: The ejaculation
Lesson 4: The prostate
Lesson 5: Phase of practical involvement

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