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"Mean machines" is a series of stories that I started in May 2016. It introduces several painful contraptions.

Sackwrecker Deluxe
Under construcion (Call for ideas)
The Stud Squasher
to be continued


"The menu" is a 4-part-story that I wrote in December 2007. After having started the blog with the casting sessions, the next logical step was introducing the (fictional) website. In retrospect, this story is maybe a bit too cheesy. Truth be told, it was basically a weird wet dream I had that I put in writing... :-))

The menu - Intro to The aftermath


"Office shenanigans" is a series of 5 stories written in 2013. After reintroducing the original characters in The return of the Ballbusting Boys and before reuniting them in Balls to the wall I thought it would be nice to focus on the dynamics in team behind the scenes.

Cock knock
Doggy style
Coffee break
Double down
Strings attached


"Office vendetta" is a series of 15 short stories that I wrote between June and September 2008. I liked the character of Chad, the assistant, and I wanted to create a story that put him front and center. Originally, the story consisted of 9 stories that ended with a truce in "Fine print" in July 2008. After having taken a summer break, I added another 6 stories.

Once and for all


"On the job" is a little series of stories that feature one of the characters in their "natural habitat". There are a couple of ideas left that never made it into a story. Who knows - maybe some day I'll continue the series...

Career counseling (collection of ideas)

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