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"The castings" mark the very beginning of this blog in December 2007. One day I woke up and had the characters of Danny, the twins, Leo, Kev and Simon in my head and I was very excited about the idea of having them come to a casting for a ballbusting porn site...

Getting started
Casting Danny
Casting Leo
Casting Simon
Casting the twins
Casting Kev

Casting Jesid (February 2008)
Casting Nate (April 2008)
Casting Cal (July 2008)


"The Danny and David stories" are a series of stories I wrote in 2008.
Danny was the very first character that I conceived when I started this blog. Pretty soon (I don't remember exactly, but it might have been a reader's idea) Danny's evil little brother David appeared. While the two of them have featured in many, many stories, here are the ones that deal primarily with them.
David turned out to be one of the most controversial characters I created: In a poll in January 2009 he got into the top 3 of "favourite characters" and took the top spot in "least favourite characters". Well, from a writer's perspective, David is pure gold - his stories practically write themselves...

High kicks (2 parts, January 2008)

The nutcracker prince (3 parts, February 2008)

Brother knows best (4 parts, June 2008)

Caught in the act (2 parts, October 2008)
Caught in the act


"Diagnosis Softballs" is a 4-part-story written in 2014 featuring cameraman Chad who has a slightly embarrassing problem concering his genitals. Fortunately the Ballbusting Boys gladly offer a treatment plan and do everything in their power to "help" him...

The path to recovery
Shock treatment
Heavy Lifting
House Call
Terminal stage


"Dorm buddies" is a series of stories featuring Kev, Ben and Colin and their adventures with their friends at the college dorm.

A little secret
Naked Nutball Tournament
Day of the champions
Who needs two?
Nutshot dummy (Be our guest: Thomas meets Ben and Kev)
to be continued

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