Spit it out | Spring break diary | Summer in the city

"Spit it out" is a story in 5 parts that was published in January 2008. A competition, naked guys, and cum - what's not to like? :-))

Leo's idea
Dog day afternoon
Simon says yes
The preparations
Spit it out


"Spring break diary" is a series of 5 short stories that I wrote in March and April 2008. It shows Kev and his friends playing pranks on Ben. To date it's one of my favourite stories...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


"Summer in the city" is a series of 13 stories that I wrote in the summer of 2008. I wanted to create a "summer special" that included most of the cast and had a recurring theme. The theme was "public ballbusting", and every episode takes place in a public place.

Summer in the city
At the park with Simon
At the campus party with Kev
At the circus with Parker
At the barbecue with Zach
At the zoo with Nate
At the city pool with the twins
At the soccer club with Phil
At the fireworks with Danny
At the swim team party with Cal
At the camping ground with David
At the skate park with Leo
At the pool hall with George
At the rock concert with Tristan
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