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"One on one" is a series of stories that center around a fight between two guys (don't take that too seriously, though, sometimes it's more than two at a time...). It was hugely successful, and there are still a lot of open tasks on the One on one wish list...

Sammy vs. Phil
Simon vs. Tristan
Phil vs. Parker
Zach vs. Will
Phil vs. Kev
Michael vs. Will
Danny vs. Leo
Cal vs. Brandon
Leo vs. Tristan
Danny and David vs. the twins
Kev vs. Nate
Simon vs. Parker
Sammy vs. Parker
Zach vs. Kev
Leo vs. Xander
The twins vs. Parker - Roshambo
Kev vs. Logan
Leo vs. Phil

Ben vs. Logan
Ben vs. Logan - the rematch

Zach vs. David
Zach vs. David - the rematch

David vs. Ben
David vs. Ben - the rematch
David vs. Ben - the third match
David vs. Ben - the fourth match

Parker vs. David
Parker vs. David - the rematch
Parker vs. David - the third match

Zach vs. Logan
Zach vs. Logan - the rematch


"Pride and pain" is a four part story taking place at a Pride Parade and featuring three hapless straight guys getting their nuts crushed by gay party people.

Balls on parade
Queen for a day
Twinks go nuts
to be continued


"The return of the Ballbusting Boys" is a series of stand-alone stories written in 2012 and 2013. After more than three years, the original set of characters is revisited - where are they now?

Testicular emergency


"Reunion party" is a two-part-story written in 2013. It reunites the original "Ballbusting Boys" and reintroduces the original concept of a studio that produces video clips for a ballbusting website. (The original title was "Balls to the wall" and there were supposed to be more than 2 parts. But when I wrote the second part (the party itself), I noticed that that story indeed was the centerpiece and I saved the idea I had for "Balls to the wall" for later...)

"Richard and Paul" is a series of 3 stories that I started at the very beginning of the blog. In retrospect, it feels a bit odd, since they are not part of the group. The characters and the plot were a reader's suggestion, and I still feel like I didn't do him justice... Well, anyway, here they are... :-))

Part 3


"Role play" is a series of stories that feature the guys playing various scenarios based on readers' suggestions. Each of those stories is pretty long, but I had a lot of fun writing them...

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