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"Ben's wrestling match" is a series of 4 stories that were published from September to November 2008. The center pieces are part 2 and part 4, the original wrestling match and the rematch. Somehow, it was extraordinarily fun to write this story about a rigged fight, with poor, naive Ben being mercilessly taken advantage of... :-))

Ben's wrestling match
Good times
The rematch


"Be our guest" is an experimental series of stories that is based on reader participation. Special thanks to our devoted reader Carter for coming up with the idea. If you want to meet one or two of the ballbusting boys and see yourself in a hot story please check out this post for details.

Big day for a little dick (Carter meets Logan)
Hurt pride (Alex meets Ben)
Nut-popping jizz-fest 1 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)
Nut-popping jizz-fest 2 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)
Nut-popping jizz-fest 3 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)
Nut-popping jizz-fest 4 (Kevin and Ryan meet Zach)
Big, blond and ballbusted (Cody meets Zach and David)
Wrestling challenge (Rico meets Logan)
The nut-knocker (Daniel H. meets the twins)
Fun between friends 1 (Raul meets Logan)
Fun between friends 2 (Raul meets Logan)
Threesome (Daniel P. meets Danny and David)
Balls and feet (Chris meets Will and Kev)
Begging for a busting (Noah meets Zach)
Let's play Roshambo (Paul and Ross meet Kev)
It's a jock's world (Jake meets Kev and Parker)
An honest mistake (Brian meets Logan)
Abducted, abused abandoned (Gaz meets "the dark twins")
Cocky guy meets his master (Marc meets Xander and Shorty)
Two for one (Martin meets the twins)
Tag team trauma (Reuben and Scott meet Logan)
Just deserts (Nik meets David)
Get rid of that junk! (Andy meets Troy)
No holes barred (Nick meets Logan)
Favored to lose (Carlos meets Ben and Kev)
Just for kicks (Mark meets Phil and Kev)
Zach's education: Detention! (Micky meets Logan and his friends)
Dirty dancers (Jack meets David and Parker)
Winning feels so fucking good (Chris meets Brandon and Cal)
Hanging around in the boxing gym (Aaron meets Ben)
A fun night out (Michaƫl meets Logan and Zach)
High stakes - part 1 (Sean meets Zach)
High stakes - part 2 (Sean meets Zach)
High stakes - part 3 (Sean meets Zach)
The burglar and the baseball bat (Barry meets Logan and Ashley)
Spice up your life (James meets Logan and Ashley)
A lesson in pain (Martin meets Leo and Ben)
Toy boy (Orion meets Zach)
Low blows and cum shots (Luis meets Leo and the twins)
Gym buddies (Jesse meets Kev and the twins)
Happy feet (Pat meets Logan and Ben)
Who needs two? (Tyler meets Ben)
Used (Kris meets Logan)
Step by step (Derek meets David and Logan)
Lucky day (Callum meets Logan and Zach)
Ten loads (Mitch meets Logan and Ashley)
Prom night (Nick meets Logan)
A painful case of mistaken identity (Brian meets the twins)
Teamwork (Billy meets Logan and Zach)
Acting nuts (Robin meets Danny)
Newbie (Larry meets Logan)
Emergency drain (Rob meets Brandon)
Lucky slut (Drew meets Xander and Shorty)
Hot and horny (Stefan meets Logan)
Bashed abs and busted balls (Jerry and Ken meet Logan)
Nutshot dummy (Thomas meets Ben and Kev)
Good boy (Eddie meets Logan)
Sweet revenge (Chris meets Logan and Kev)
to be continued


"Big balls training camp" is an 8-part-story that I wrote in July and August 2008. It features horse-hung models Cal, George and Zach, who go on a weekend trip to toughen up their nuts. Sure. Sounds perfectly reasonable... :-))

Sunday night


"Boys and girls" is a series of stories featuring f/m and mixed ballbusting.

New girl in town
Ballbusting 101
Kick ball tournament
to be continued


"Boys will be boys" is a six-part-story written in 2015. It's a light-hearted summer story that features Sammy, Brandon, Cal, Logan and Zach on vacation.

On the road
Wet, hot and horny
Winners and losers
Locked and unloaded
Blue balls and empty nuts
On the road again


"Charity nutshot festival" is an ill-fated story that I started in 2008. Somehow I ran out of ideas pretty fast, but I managed to at least give it a proper ending. It's just that the middle part is missing...


Carter said...

Okay I'm having some trouble reviewing the stores right now, but I definitely remember the rigged wrestling match from before I had the balls to start leaving reviews. It's an amazing concept and I am loving it all over again.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter! I'm glad you enjoyed the story back then - and I'm even more glad that you still loved it when you read it again... :-))

Anonymous said...

I went to read the Rico story, and for some reason I can't access it without a gmail lot in. Any idea why?


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, ScotLad! I fixed the link and it's working now. :-))