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"Adam and Eve" is a work in progress that I started in December 2012. It features a pair of kinky siblings who have a lot of fun busting hot guys' balls...

All about Adam
New Year's Eve
Horny virgin
to be continued


"And the winner is..." is a 3-part-story that I wrote in February 2008. I wanted to try something different and decided to let the outcome of the Academy Awards Ceremony determine who got his nuts cracked. I wrote the grand finale in one sitting the day after the Oscar's and published it right away, and in retrospect, it seems a bit like a writing exercise. I'm still not sure I like how it turned out. But decide for yourselves. It is one of the very few stories that assembles the whole cast of characters - and if your favourite doesn't get his nuggets crunched you'll have to blame the Academy... :-))

Oscar night ahead
The nominees
And the winner is...


"Auditions" - a simple title for a very complex series of stories... Starting in August 2008, I introduced more than a dozen new characters (many of which were based on readers' suggestions) and made them battle it out in nutcrunching fights. Eventually, after many rounds of fighting and a reader's poll, Logan made it to the top spot and was cast as a new cast member of the Ballbusting Boys. And there were other characters (like spoilt rich boy Xander and his boy toy Shorty) who appeared in other stories, too.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Final fight


"The Ballbusting Olympics" is an epic story in more than 20 parts that was published from February to May 2008. It was a huge project, and the centerpieces (the opening ceremony and the days of competition) turned out to be a massive piece of work. But it was a lot of fun, with a lot of input from the readers, with a bunch of new characters that turned out to be fan favourites (massively-endowed Zach makes his first appearance) and I'm still quite proud of the way it turned out. The following year, I tried to bring back the Olympics for a second year - without much success. In the end, I abandoned the project. But The Ballbusting Olympics 2008 will stay forever... :-))

Behind the scenes: Beckhamania (guest starring David Beckham)
Day 6: Awards and Penalties

And here is what should have been The Ballbusting Olympics 2009... Oh well, at least the "Training Parker" stories are kinda fun... :-))
Ballbusting Olympics 2009?
New poll: Ballbusting Olympics 2009
Olympic Countdown: Training Parker (1)
Olympic Countdown: Training Parker (2)
Poll results: Ballbusting Olympics 2009


"BB Academy" is a series of stories (started in 2015) focusing on experiments and a "scientific" approach to ballbusting.  In association with the Institute of Testicular Agony (ITA), the Ballbusting Boys aspire to find out everything about the funny little things that are the human testicles. Of course, they are always looking for your ideas...

Footwear study
Pleasure and pain
Bashed abs and busted balls (Be our guest: Jerry and Ken meet Logan)
to be continued 


Carter said...

Reading Auditions, great story, about to start the fights.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Carter! "Auditions" was a huge project back then, and it was a lot of fun! I hope you'll enjoy the stories! :-))

Toothpick said...

So auditions was amazing. I want to read the bb olympics, but not right now. I think I want something small for the time being.

Alex said...

Thank you, Toothpick! I'm glad you enjoyed the stories! :-)

Anonymous said...

after reading the "Foreign Exchange" series at bbmal's ballbustingtales, I couldn't help but think about a foreign exchange student that will stay with Adam and Eve, and maybe even get to meet Christopher.

I think the brother and sister will be really happy to host him ;)

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion! I'm sure Adam and Eve would love to play with a cute foreign student, and it would be interesting to see how Christopher reacts... I'll think about it! :-))